Kim Meyer is a self taught artist. A silk painter and textile artist for the last 17+ years, her love of color and animals are a main theme in her work, but from her past life as a cordon bleu chef often leap images of vegetables, platters of poached salmon, lobster and such. Kim paints silk, sofas, chairs, cushions, waistcoats–essentially anything canvas that stands still long enough to paint.

Kim Meyer has sold and taught in England, Tobago and the United States, both at trade shows for 75 people or a group of two both are great fun!

Kim moved to Healdsburg CA some ten years ago to work for the paint company Jacquard Products, whose paints she uses, starting in customer service and finishing as Director of Marketing and Sales. Now it is Kim’s great fortune to be a mom of 5 year old Emily Rose and be able to pursue her life as a working artist/ teacher again and enjoy another new passion in jewelry making. Kim says the two different pursuits suit her energies and personality to a tee–the silk painting is fast, fun and exciting and the jewelry is calming, tactile and both give a sense of peace.